Nim (discontinued)

Stock Ticker (discontinued)

FrenzelSoft Stock Ticker (discontinued)
Tool to provide information about the percental and monetary change of chosen stock prices and your portfolio. Furthermore you can set min and max alerts when stock prices fall below or exceed your specified limits and get news for the comanies you added. The stocks are linked to the Yahoo! Finance website so you can easily get charts for stocks by a simple mouse click.
Current Version: (Version History)
Download: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7
License: This program is Freeware. License
User Manual: PDF
Price: free
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FrenzelSoft Nim (discontinued)
This game is a variant of the 'Nim' play principle. At every turn the player takes an arbitrary number of elements from one (and only one) line. The player who has to take the last element from the playfield loses the game.
Current Version:
Buy License: The application is no longer available.
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